Call for papers

The 19th International Schumpeter Society Conference will be held in July 8-10, 2022 in Changsha, P. R. China. The Schumpeter Prize dinner will be held on July 9. Alternatively, the conference will be held online if the Covid-19 is not well controlled by February 2022.

The theme for ISS 2022 conference is "Technological Revolution and New Driving Forces for Global Sustainable Development". Our hope is that the ISS 2022 conference will be an opportunity for scholars, policy makers and practitioners with different methodological approaches, paradigm perspectives and working interests to come together to focus on innovation and change related to issues of global sustainable development.

ISS members and nonmembers alike are invited to submit abstracts for presentation at the conference. The theme of the Conference is intended to be broad and submission and thematic sessions dealing with evolutionary economics, innovation, technological revolution, growth and development and other topics typical of this conference are all welcome. The abstract of the paper must not exceed 800 words. Proposals for sessions should include: a title for the session, the name(s) of the session coordinator(s), a brief presentation of the entire session, a list of4 or 5 papers to be included in the session with authors and an abstract no more than 800 words for each of them.

Following the tradition, selected papers presented at the ISS 2022 conference will be published in a special issueof the Journal of Evolutionary Economics (official journal of the ISS), as well as in edited volumes published by the Springer Press and/or the Cambridge University Press.

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